A contemporary spelling of the Dutch surname, Schuyler, that was brought to New York by 17th century settlers. Since first listing on the popularity chart in 1990, the name quickly moved into the top 200 in 1998. The most recent influence on the name comes from "Skylar Stevens," a character played by actress Candace Bailey on the American post-apocalyptic drama, "Jericho," premiering in 2006. Name is given to both boys and girls and coincides with current trends of spellings with a "y." , Learned One

Girls: Ranked #73 in 2013
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Strong, Independent, Artistic, sensitiveSubmitted By

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Schuyler Fisk - "Orange County" fame - Daughter of Sissy SpacekSubmitted By

Submitted by: maedel_aus

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Skylar - Daughter of Vince NeilSubmitted By

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