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Baby Name: Sarah

Popularity Chart

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English girls

Popular English girls' names perfect for your little lady -- Olivia, Grace, Lily, Ruby, Poppy, Keira, Maisie and more

  1. Olivia
  2. Grace
  3. Jessica
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People of God

Gender: Girl | Origin: Latin, Hebrew
Popularity: Familiar

Irish girls

Pretty yet strong girls' names they're digging in Ireland -- Caoimhe, Kate, Emily, Amy, Rebecca, Jessica and more

  1. Anna
  2. Lauren
  3. Kate
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Form of Anne

Gender: Girl | Origin: French, Hebrew
Popularity: Familiar



Gender: Girl | Origin: Teutonic, Hebrew, English
Popularity: Popular

Israeli names

Israeli names that you probably haven't heard before -- Yael, Roni, Or, Moshe, Lior, Shachar and more

  1. Noa
  2. Roni
  3. Yael
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