The Scottish form of Rognvaldr. Primarily used in Scotland until the 19th century. The name received a surge of popularity during the 1940s influenced by English actor Ronald Colman. He started his career as a silent film star and won an Academy Award in 1948 after successfully making the transition to "talkies." Also associated with former President Ronald Reagan, who held office from 1981 to 1989. Ronaldo is the Spanish form. , A wise and powerful ruler. Also see Reginald, Reynold and Ronson.

Old English
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Famous Ronalds
Ronald ReaganSubmitted By

Submitted by: allisonwalker30

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Ronald McDonald (clown/spokesman)
Ronald WeasleySubmitted By

Submitted by: doglover2mil

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Scott Przybysz (Pillsburry Doughboy)Submitted By

Submitted by: garrettwyant

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