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10 Names to Watch in 2013

  1. Angelique+ A cousin to popular names like Angelina and Angela, this name moved 250 spots in the past year alone -- and its exotic spelling helps set it apart. Read more about Angelique
  2. Atticus+ The heroic lawyer from To Kill a Mockingbird helped spawn a resurgence of Romanesque "us" names. The wildly popular book series Harry Potter and The Hunger Games featured them as well -- think Albus, Severus, Claudius, and Flavius. Atticus rose nearly 100 places in the Social Security Administration (SSA)'s list of boys' names -- expect it to get a spot somewhere in the 300s this year. Read more about Atticus
  3. Brantley+ This English surname name has rocketed up the charts, from a spot below the top 1000 in 2009 to number 320. (It zoomed more than 400 spots in the last year alone.) Consider it a nice alternative to the more popular number 75 name, Bentley. Read more about Brantley
  4. Briella+ This nickname for Gabriella has broken out in its own right, and is one of the biggest risers on the U.S. charts -- it didn't even chart before 2009, but now sits at number 497. And it was the faster riser on the American baby-name charts for girls, coming up 394 spots in the past year alone. At least for now, it's a perfect choice if you'd like a variant on the uber-popular Ella. Read more about Briella
  5. Camden+ This cousin of the Aiden, Brayden, Caden, Jaden crew has a geographic bent -- it's a town in England, the name of the historic Baltimore Orioles ballpark, and a city in New Jersey. It was recently chosen by two celebrity couples that had sons within weeks of each other, Nick and Vanessa Lachey, and Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari. The name has slowly risen in the ranks over the past decade, but these two high-profile babies are going to help propel it into the big time. Read more about Camden
  6. Carter+ This name looks likely to follow fellow occupational name Mason into the top 10 names quickly; it's at only number 41 in the country overall, but it's at the top of the charts in several states, including Iowa and Nebraska. Read more about Carter
  7. Declan+ A very Irish name that means "man of prayer," Declan rose nearly 100 spots in popularity over the past year, from 274 to 177. The fact that it's currently being used for a good-looking, good-hearted guy on the popular soap Revenge probably won't hurt, either. Read more about Declan
  8. Merida+ This name barely existed before Pixar chose it for their Brave heroine, but based on the gangbuster popularity of the fiery, feisty character, expect it to make its debut in the top 1000. Read more about Merida
  9. Olive+ Olivia's years-long reign in the top 10 has helped its sister name to blossom as well -- it's gone from below the top 1000 in 2007 to number 416 last year. Drew Barrymore recently chose the name for her daughter, lending it a little Hollywood cachet. Read more about Olive
  10. Penelope+ This classic Greek name was chosen by celebrities on both ends of the spectrum -- witty 30 Rock star Tina Fey and reality star Kourtney Kardashian (who helped skyrocket the name Mason straight onto the top 10 when she chose it for her son). And the fact that Wreck It Ralph's spunky-cute heroine sports the sound-alike moniker Vanellope probably won't hurt, either. Penelope moved up over 30 spaces on the SSA's top 1,000 list last year -- expect it to move firmly into the 75 most popular names this year. Read more about Penelope