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Autumnal Names for Girls

  1. Aurelia+ This elegant, old-fashioned name means ?golden,? making it the ideal choice for a season accented with amber and gold leaves and flowers. Read more about Aurelia
  2. Autumn+ The name of the season makes a charming moniker for a baby girl. Its current rank on the charts (number 81) makes it an even more popular choice than Summer. Read more about Autumn
  3. Dahlia+ Dahlia is a dramatic name for your daughter, based on one of fall's most extravagant blooms. Read more about Dahlia
  4. Hazel+ The name Hazel comes from the hazelnut tree—and Julia Roberts picked it her daughter. It's also associated with witch hazel—perfect for this enchanting time of year. Read more about Hazel
  5. Laurel+ The evergreen leaves from the laurel tree were used to create the wreaths that were given to Greek nobility and Olympic athletes. This is a lovely botanical name for your daughter. Read more about Laurel
  6. Leaf+ Falling leaves are a signature part of the season. The name Leaf is most commonly used for boys, but it's a naturally unisex baby name. Read more about Leaf
  7. Marigold+ This bold, golden bloom is an autumnal staple—and a pretty choice for your daughter's name. Read more about Marigold
  8. October+ This iridescent, often white-blue stone is the October birthstone, and is thought to bring good luck to the wearer. Read more about October
  9. Persephone+ This beautiful Greek name is associated with the daughter of Demeter, the goddess of the harvest. Persephone's story, in which she's forced to spend half of the year in the underworld and half of the year on earth, helps explain the changes of the seasons—and she's associated with the pomegranate and with wheat, both of which ripen in the fall. Read more about Persephone
  10. Sage+ Sage, the herb that's essential for the stuffing at your Thanksgiving dinner, started out in the early 1990s as a boys' name, but the girls have gradually taken it over. It's currently 461 for girls, but 836 for boys. Read more about Sage
  11. Sapphire+ This glittering jewel can come in a number of colors, though blue is the most familiar. It's September's birthstone —and the nom de plume of the author of Precious. Read more about Sapphire
  12. Scarlett+ Beyond the feisty heroine of Gone With the Wind, Scarlett gives a nod to the bold red hues of maple leaves and ripened apples. Thanks to Scarlett Johansson and Scarlett O'Hara, it's now number 83 on the popularity list. Read more about Scarlett
  13. Tawny+ This English name means "golden-brown," and is an apt, appealing color name for the autumnal season. Read more about Tawny