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Royalty Baby Names for Girls

  1. Anastasia+ Anastasia was the youngest daughter of the last imperialist czar of Russia. Read more about Anastasia
  2. Anne+ Anne was the queen of England from 1665 to 1714. Read more about Anne
  3. Beatrix+ Beatrix is the current queen of the Netherlands. Read more about Beatrix
  4. Diana+ Diana is the late princess of Wales. Read more about Diana
  5. Eleanor+ Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine was the wealthiest and most powerful woman during the Middle Ages. Read more about Eleanor
  6. Elizabeth+ Including the current queen, there have been two Queen Elizabeths of England. Read more about Elizabeth
  7. Grace+ Grace Kelly was an actress who became princess of Monaco. Read more about Grace
  8. Isabella+ Queen Isabella I of Castile, wife of Ferdinand V, funded the voyage of Columbus to America. Read more about Isabella
  9. Jane+ Lady Jane Grey ruled for the shortest time as queen of England (just more than a week in 1554). Read more about Jane
  10. Marie+ Marie Antoinette was the famed queen during the French Revolution. Read more about Marie
  11. Mary+ Queen Mary I reigned from 1516 to 1558, and Queen Mary II reigned from 1662 to 1694. Read more about Mary
  12. Victoria+ Victoria was the queen of England from 1819 to 1901. Read more about Victoria