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Hippie Baby Names for Girls

  1. America+ The United States of America, some believe, derived its name after Italian explorer Amerigo Vespucci. Read more about America
  2. Breeze A breeze is a soft, gentle wind.
  3. Cayenne+ Cayenne is a natural ingredient for adding spiciness. Read more about Cayenne
  4. Clover+ Clovers, especially four-leaf types, are thought to be lucky. Read more about Clover
  5. Crystal+ Crystals are the shining jewels of nature. Read more about Crystal
  6. Daisy+ It might be common, but this flower is a bright spot in nature. Read more about Daisy
  7. Dawn+ Dawn is a calm, peaceful, and beautiful time of day. Read more about Dawn
  8. Dove+ The dove is the bird of peace. Read more about Dove
  9. Echo+ An echo is a natural wonder. Read more about Echo
  10. Fern+ A fern is a plant with green fronds. Read more about Fern
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