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Musical Names for Girls

  1. Allegro+ Allegro is a term for a quick and upbeat tempo of music. Read more about Allegro
  2. Amanda-Lynn Amanda-Lynn is a combination name (or a good first-and-middle combo) to sound like the mandolin, a string instrument.
  3. Aria+ Aria is an elaborate melody sung by one performer. Read more about Aria
  4. Cadence+ Cadence is another term for rhythm; it?s generally a recurring or closing rhythm. Read more about Cadence
  5. Calliope+ Calliope is the daughter of Zeus and muse of epic poetry. A calliope is also a keyboard instrument that resembles an organ. Read more about Calliope
  6. Cappella A cappella is singing without an instrumental accompaniment.
  7. Carol+ A carol is a song or popular hymn generally associated with Christmas. Read more about Carol
  8. Chime A chime is a musically tuned set of bells.
  9. Claire-Annette Claire-Annette is a combination name (or first-middle combo) to sound like the clarinet, a reed instrument.
  10. Euphony Euphony is a pleasing or sweet sound, such as music.
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