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Boy Arthurian Legend Names

Boy Arthurian Legend Names
  1. Accolon Accolon was the knight who was given Excalibur by Morgan Le Fay, who hoped he would use it to kill Arthur. Instead, Arthur used Excalibur to kill Accolon.
  2. Agravain+ Agravain is the knight who arranges for Lancelot and Guinevere to be caught together. Lancelot kills him. Read more about Agravain
  3. Arthur+ Arthur is the legendary British leader and king of the Round Table. Read more about Arthur
  4. Ector+ Sir Ector is the father of Sir Kay and the foster father of King Arthur. He is also written as Anton. Read more about Ector
  5. Galahad+ Galahad is the purest knight. He is the son of Lancelot and Elaine and the hero of the quest for the Holy Grail. Read more about Galahad
  6. Gareth+ Gareth is a knight who must earn his way to the Round Table. He marries Lyonesse. Read more about Gareth
  7. Gawain+ The nephew of Arthur, Gawain is most well-known for his stories with the Green Knight. Read more about Gawain
  8. Lancelot+ Lancelot is the son of King Ban of Benwick. He learns from the Lady of the Lake and wins challenges and battles in the king's name. He is Guinevere's lover. Read more about Lancelot
  9. Merlin+ Merlin is a wizard who is a prophet of the Holy Grail and adviser to Uther. Read more about Merlin
  10. Mordred+ Mordred is Arthur's illegitimate son. He is written as either killing Arthur or seizing the kingdom while Arthur is away. He is a traitor. Read more about Mordred
  11. Percival+ Percival is the finder of the Holy Grail. Read more about Percival
  12. Thomas+ Sir Thomas Malory is the most well-known of the writers of the Arthurian Legend. He wrote the most famous tale, Le Morte D'Arthur. Read more about Thomas
  13. Tristan+ Tristan is the nephew of King Mark. He is meant to bring Isolde to marry the king, but instead they fall in love. In some stories Tristan is killed; in others he marries a different woman. Read more about Tristan
  14. Uther+ Uther Pendragon is the father of King Arthur. Read more about Uther