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Outer Space Names for Boys

Outer Space Names for Boys
  1. Archer+ Archer is a clever tip of the hat to Sagittarius. Read more about Archer
  2. Astro Astro relates to the stars and outer spaces.
  3. Canis Canis Major and Minor are two dogs said to be following Orion. Canis Major contains the brightest star in the night sky, Sirius.
  4. Cygnus Cygnus is the northern constellation of the swan.
  5. Galileo+ Galileo is a famous Italian astronomer. Read more about Galileo
  6. Gemini+ Gemini is a northern constellation and zodiac symbol. Read more about Gemini
  7. Jupiter+ Jupiter was a member of the Roman state and brother and husband of Juno. He came to be identified with the Greek Zeus, and was also called Jove. Read more about Jupiter
  8. Kuiper Kuiper is a common last name and our solar system's final frontier; it contains icy debris.
  9. Leo+ A constellation and the fifth symbol of the zodiac, Leo was once a popular boy's name. Read more about Leo
  10. Mars+ Mars is one of the most talked about planets, be it fact or fiction. Mars makes a great space nickname for boys named Marlon and Marcus or girls named Marlee and Maura. Read more about Mars
  11. Mercury Mercury is the innermost and smallest planet.
  12. Neptune Neptune is the Roman god of the sea and the farthest planet from the sun.
  13. Orion+ Orion is a distinct constellation representing a hunter. It is noticeable by three stars referred to as Orion's belt. Read more about Orion
  14. Pluto Once considered the most remote planet, Pluto is now considered a part of the Kuiper Belt.
  15. Rigel+ Rigel is the brightest star in the Orion constellation. Read more about Rigel
  16. Sirius+ The brightest star in the sky, Sirius is often referred to as the Dog Star. Read more about Sirius