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Unique Spelling of Boy Names

  1. Aharon+ This creative spelling spices up the traditional Aaron, which was a top 50 name from 2000 to 2008. Read more about Aharon
  2. Clyve+ Clive is already a unique name on its own, but this alternate spelling makes it extra special! Read more about Clyve
  3. Eythan+ In 2009, Ethan was the second most popular name among new parents. Read more about Eythan
  4. Isaak+ Replacing the "c" at the end of Isaac with a "k" makes this biblical name unique. Read more about Isaak
  5. Justan+ Justin is a favorite of many moms. Reinvent this name with an "a" instead of an "i." Read more about Justan
  6. Kraig+ This name was first popular among Scottish people and brings to mind comedian and TV host Craig Ferguson. Read more about Kraig
  7. Neale+ Neale is a good name if you want your child to conquer his dreams -- it means champion. Read more about Neale
  8. Ryen+ TV host Ryan Seacrest, musician Ryan Cabrera, and actor Ryan Phillippe have influenced this name's popularity. Read more about Ryen
  9. Stanleigh+ This name is a completely original spin-off of the traditional Stanley. Read more about Stanleigh
  10. Zackari+ This alternate spelling is unique both in the full form and in its shortened form, Zac. Read more about Zackari