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Precious Stone Names for Boys

  1. Flint+ Flint is a shiny stone that can be used to start a fire when struck against steel. Read more about Flint
  2. Jett+ This name was inspired by the velvety black coal that is often used for jewelry. Read more about Jett
  3. Jade+ Jade is an ornamental stone that is often green in color. Read more about Jade
  4. Copper This red-orange metal is used as an electrical conductor and crafting material. It even has antibacterial properties.
  5. Micah+ This name refers to the mineral mica, and is also popular because of its biblical reference. Read more about Micah
  6. Slate+ This names oozes confidence and charm. Read more about Slate
  7. Sterling+ This name is used to describe a high-quality metal. NASCAR driver Sterling Marlin and football player Sterling Sharpe have brought this name into the limelight. Read more about Sterling
  8. Stone+ This name evokes a tough, unbreakable nature. Read more about Stone
  9. Jasper+ Jasper comes in red, yellow, brown, or green. It was a favorite gem in the ancient world. Read more about Jasper
  10. Shale Shale is a black sedimentary rock that is composed of quartz and clay minerals. It is characterized by breaks in the surface.