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Geographical Names for Boys

  1. Austin+ Austin is the state capital of Texas and is the 15th largest city in the United States. Read more about Austin
  2. Clifford+ This name literally means "ford by a cliff." Clifford became popular as a surname in the 17th century. Read more about Clifford
  3. Devin+ Devin is a town located in southern Bulgaria. The town's spa resorts make it a popular tourist attraction. Read more about Devin
  4. Clinton+ Clinton refers to an area where there is a fenced settlement. Actor Clint Eastwood and President Bill Clinton have made this name popular among parents. Read more about Clinton
  5. Hudson+ This name makes reference to the Hudson River, which is one of the rivers that surrounds Manhattan. Read more about Hudson
  6. Israel+ Israel is located on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea. It is the world's only predominantly Jewish state with a population of 7.5 million people, of whom 5.7 million are Jewish. Read more about Israel
  7. Luke+ This name is derived from Lucania, a region in southern Italy now renamed Basilicata. Read more about Luke
  8. Quincy+ This name was originally the name of a Roman tribe. Now it is the name of several cities across the United States. Read more about Quincy
  9. Sidney+ Sydney, the largest city in Australia, is home to Royal National Park, which is the second-oldest national park in the world. Read more about Sidney
  10. Xavier+ This name is popular among Roman Catholic families, Xavier's literal meaning is "new house." Read more about Xavier