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Flower Names for Girls and Boys

Flower Names for Girls and Boys
  1. Alyssa+ Alyssum is a flowering plant found mainly in the Mediterranean region. Blooms can be yellow, white, pink, or purple. Read more about Alyssa
  2. Amaryllis+ Amaryllis is also known as Belladonna Lily or Naked Lady. Its blooms come in several colors and it is a native of South Africa. Read more about Amaryllis
  3. Azalea+ Azaleas are flowering shrubs. In astrology, azalea is the flower of Sagittarius. Read more about Azalea
  4. Blossom+ A blossom is a flower or mass of flowers. It is generally a term given to flowering plants that bloom for a short period. Read more about Blossom
  5. Bryony+ Bryony are perennial, tendril-climbing, flowering herbs. Read more about Bryony
  6. Calla+ Calla is a flowering plant native to cool temperatures of the Northern Hemisphere. Read more about Calla
  7. Clover+ Clovers are small, trifoliate plants with dense spikes of little red, purple, white, or yellow flowers. Read more about Clover
  8. Cristano Cristano refers to chrysanthemums, often called mums. In addition to the traditional yellow, other colors are available, such as white, purple, and red.
  9. Dahlia+ A dahlia is a bushy plant native to Mexico and Central America. The Aztecs gathered and cultivated the dahlia for many purposes. Read more about Dahlia
  10. Daisy+ Daisies include a wide variety of plants, but they are generally known for their easily recognizable shape and popularity. Read more about Daisy
  11. Fleur+ Fleur is the French word for flower. Read more about Fleur
  12. Flora+ Flora is a term for plants native to an area. Read more about Flora
  13. Florian+ Florian is the masculine form of flora. Read more about Florian
  14. Heather+ Heather is an evergreen flowering plant that thrives in Scotland. Read more about Heather
  15. Iris+ Iris is a popular garden flower. It's related to many species that grow in a variety of colors. The fleur-de-lis is an iris. Read more about Iris
  16. Jacinto+ Jacinto is a Spanish name meaning hyacinth, a bright flowering plant. Hyacinths come in a variety of bright colors. One popular variety, the grape hyacinth, has the sweet scent of grape bubble gum. Read more about Jacinto
  17. Jasmine+ Jasmine often grows as a climber and is frequently used for aromatic purposes as well as in tea. Read more about Jasmine
  18. Lily+ Lilies are popular, showy garden plants with large petals in a variety of colors. Read more about Lily
  19. Petunia+ A petunia is a trumpet-shape flowering plant that is popular in gardening. Read more about Petunia
  20. Rose+ The rose is a popular symbol of love and beauty. There are many species and colors of roses. Read more about Rose
  21. Violet+ A violet is a flowering plant with heart-shape leaves. It is related to the pansy. Read more about Violet
  22. Zinnia Zinnias attract butterflies; many gardeners grow them specifically for that reason.