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Author Names for Girls

  1. Agatha+ Agatha Christie is an English writer of crime novels; many sources cite her as the highest-selling author of all time. Her well-known works include And Then There Were None and Murder on the Orient Express. Read more about Agatha
  2. Beatrix+ Beatrix Potter was an English author of popular children's books. Her well-known works include The Tale of Peter Rabbit and The Tale of Two Bad Mice. Read more about Beatrix
  3. Charlotte+ Charlotte Bronte was an English author remembered for Jane Eyre. Read more about Charlotte
  4. Emily+ Emily Bronte was an English author remembered for the classic Wuthering Heights. Read more about Emily
  5. Harper+ Nelle Harper Lee is an American author awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Her well-known works include To Kill a Mockingbird. Read more about Harper
  6. Joanne+ Joanne Murray, better known as J. K. Rowling, is the author of the famed Harry Potter series. Read more about Joanne
  7. Jane+ Jane Austen was a British author recognized for her social criticism, characters, and use of irony. Her well-known works include Sense and Sensibility and Pride and Prejudice. Read more about Jane
  8. Jodi+ Jodi Picoult is an American author of well-known novels such as My Sister's Keeper and Nineteen Minutes. Read more about Jodi
  9. Judy+ Judy Blume is an American author of young adult fiction. Her well-known works include Forever and Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret. Read more about Judy
  10. Louisa+ Louisa May Alcott was an American author known for her work Little Women, and her subsequent tales of the characters. Read more about Louisa
  11. Maud+ L. M. Montgomery was a Canadian author called by her middle name, Maud, and known for her series that began with Anne of Green Gables. Read more about Maud
  12. Margaret+ Margaret Mitchell was an American author who won the Pulitzer for her well-known book, Gone with the Wind. Read more about Margaret
  13. Mary+ Mary Shelley was a British writer from a famous family. Her father was William Godwin, her mother was Mary Wollstonecraft, and her husband was Percy Bysshe Shelley. Her well-known works include Frankenstein. Read more about Mary
  14. Philippa+ Philippa Gregory is an English historical novelist. Her well-known works include The Other Boleyn Girl and The Queen's Fool. Read more about Philippa
  15. Stephenie+ Stephenie Meyer is an American author known for her vampire romance series Twilight. Read more about Stephenie
  16. Toni+ Toni Morrison is a Nobel Prize-winning American author recognized for her richly developed African-American characters. Her well-known works include The Bluest Eye and Beloved. Read more about Toni
  17. Ursula+ Ursula Le Guin is an American author most noted in the areas of fantasy and science fiction. Her well-known works include The Farthest Shore and The Left Hand of Darkness. Read more about Ursula
  18. Virginia+ Virginia Woolf was an English writer and modernist literary figure known for her bouts of fatal depression. Her well-known works include A Room of One's Own and Mrs Dalloway. Read more about Virginia
  19. Willa+ Willa Cather was an American novelist who wrote about frontier life on the Great Plains. Her well-known works include O Pioneers! and My Antonia. Read more about Willa