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Colorful Girl Names

  1. Bianca+ Bianca, which means white, is also the name of one of the moons that orbits Uranus. Read more about Bianca
  2. Azura+ This name evokes the mesmerizing deep blue of the ocean. Read more about Azura
  3. Cerise+ This unique name refers to a pinkish cherry red. Read more about Cerise
  4. Scarlett+ This name is reminiscent of Gone with the Wind character Katie Scarlett O'Hara's fiery personality. The name has risen in popularity over the past decade, reaching the top 300 in 2009. Read more about Scarlett
  5. Jade+ Variations of this name, such as Jaden and Jayden, are trendy among new moms. Read more about Jade
  6. Opal+ The precious Opal stone has the rarity to express every color in the visible spectrum. Opals are both beautiful and diverse. Read more about Opal
  7. Kelly+ This shade of green is popular in Ireland and is recognized as one of the country's symbolic colors. Read more about Kelly
  8. Rose+ Roses are perhaps the most recognized flowers. They come in multiple colors, the most famous being deep red. Read more about Rose
  9. Sage+ Sage, which refers to a variation of green, is consistently in the top 500 names for girls. Read more about Sage
  10. Violet+ Violet was one of the earliest flowers used as a name, as well as one of the most popular. Read more about Violet