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Feminine form of Patricius, taken from the male name Patrick and derived from the Latin word, patrician, one of two Roman social and political classes. The name climbed in popularity when Queen Victoria's granddaughter, Princess Patricia, was born in 1886 and eventually became known as Patsy to family and friends. It was influenced by the fame of Academy award-winning actress Patricia Neal, who began her long stretch in films from the mid 1940s through the late 1990s. Actress Patty Duke, who uses a shortened form of the name, was well-known in the 1960s, especially in the film, "The Miracle Worker," and her 1963 series, "The Patty Duke Show." Several notable musicians who bear a form of this name are Grammy-winning R&B soul singer, Patti LaBelle and four-time Grammy Award winning rocker, Pat Benatar. Also a popular hyphenated name, such as Patricia-Anne or Patricia-Lynn. , Of Noble Descent

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