Princess Names Fit For a Royal Baby

One of these beautiful names could be perfect for your princess-to-be.

  1. Alexandra+ The bookmakers are suggesting this as the name to beat for a future princess. It's a Russian royal classic, and also Queen Elizabeth I's first middle name. Read more about Alexandra
  2. Alice+ This name may bring to mind the famous Wonderland adventurer, but it was also the name the second daughter of England's famed Queen Victoria, who went on to become the Princess of Hesse. Alice is a German name that means "noble," a perfect sentiment for a royal baby. Read more about Alice
  3. Anastasia+ This name belonged to one of the daughters of the last czar of Russia, whose entire family was murdered in the early 20th century. Anastasia caught the imagination because it was rumored that she somehow survived, and several women later came out claiming to be the Russian royal. It's a name that means resurrection, which seems all too fitting with that piece of Russian history. Read more about Anastasia
  4. Anne+ This is a tried-and-true royal favorite, which was the name of two of Henry VIII's wives (including the infamous Anne Boleyn), and four other queens of England. It means grace, and is currently on a small uptick here in the U.S. after years of decline. Read more about Anne
  5. Aurora+ The fairy-tale princess known as Sleeping Beauty bears the name Aurora, which means dawn -- a lovely name that likely won't appear on any flesh-and-blood royal anytime soon. Read more about Aurora
  6. Catherine+ This regal name is a common one among royalty. Think Catherine the Great of Russia; beloved wife of Henry VIII, Catherine of Aragon; and of course, the potential future Queen of England, Catherine (AKA Kate) Middleton. Read more about Catherine
  7. Charlotte+ One of the possible frontrunners for the royal baby, Charlotte was the reigning queen of England when the U.S. won its freedom. It's the feminization of Charles -- and so it might make a nice homage to the current Prince of Wales. Read more about Charlotte
  8. Diana+ Royal watchers all believe that that Prince William will pay homage to his mother by including this lovely name, meaning divine, somewhere among the royal princess's name. Read more about Diana
  9. Eleanor+ The powerful Eleanor of Aquitaine ruled England in the Middle Ages, and the name hasn't fallen out of favor since. It means bright, shining one -- and is currently #135 here in the U.S. Read more about Eleanor
  10. Elizabeth+ With two long-reigning and popular queens of England bearing this beautiful name, it's a shoo-in for one of the name spots for any future British princess. Elizabeth has not been outside the top 25 names here in the U.S. in well over a century. Read more about Elizabeth
  11. Ella+ The "Cinder" part came after the wicked stepmother banished the future fairy-tale princess to a life of hard labor. And Ella is as popular as the fairy tale she launched -- the name, which means fairy maiden, is in the top 15 names here in the U.S. Read more about Ella
  12. Grace+ Hollywood legend Grace Kelly quit the silver screen to marry Rainier III, Prince of Monaco -- the closest we have to a real-life fairy tale story. Grace is an extremely popular top 25 name here in the U.S. Read more about Grace
  13. Isabella+ You probably remember Queen Isabella of Spain as the forward-thinking monarch who funded Christopher Columbus's voyages to discover the New World. Right now, Isabella's still a top 10 name here, and means "pledged to God." Read more about Isabella
  14. Jezebel+ This Biblical monarch earned a bad reputation, but that's mostly because she was a strong woman who asserted herself (not exactly a popular thing in Biblical times). The name actually means pure, and makes a daring name choice. Read more about Jezebel
  15. Marie+ The unfortunate Marie Antoinette, who lost her head in the French Revolution, is just one of many royal women who bore this variant of Mary. Read more about Marie
  16. Mary+ This Biblical name has been a top pick for royals and commoners alike for centuries. Just think of Mary Queen of Scots and Queen Mary I, the predecessor to Queen Elizabeth I. Read more about Mary
  17. Merida+ She may not be a real-life princess, but Pixar's spunky Scottish royal may have a name that's fitting for a bold, 21st century girl. Read more about Merida
  18. Theodora+ This feminization of Theodore was used for several empresses of the Byzantine empire. It means gift of God, and hasn't been in the top 1000 baby names in the U.S. since the 1950s. Read more about Theodora
  19. Victoria+ Queen Victoria was one of the most popular and longest-reigning monarchs in British history -- she ruled the massive British Empire and ushered in the legendary Victorian era. This is another front runner for any future royal girl. Read more about Victoria
  20. Zetian+ The name's way too exotic for British royalty, but it was used by the first female emperor of China, way back in the year 624. This lovely name means "day." Read more about Zetian