Royal Baby Names Fit for a Prince

Want to give your son a name that's truly fit for a king? Try on one of these monikers, all associated with a grand royal tradition.

  1. Albert+ This prince of England was the soulmate of the legendary Queen Victoria. The name means noble, and would be a sentimental choice for a British royal. Read more about Albert
  2. Alexander+ Alexander the Great was an early conqueror of Asia -- and Alexander was a common royal name for Russian and Greek monarchs. The name means defender of men -- a wonderful meaning for a future king's name, although we hope he'd defend women, too! Read more about Alexander
  3. Arthur+ The legendary English king (of the Knights of the Round Table fame) makes a heroic choice for a new generation of royals. The name means bear, and is currently in the top 400 names. Read more about Arthur
  4. Augustus+ The grand Roman emperor sported a name that means magnificent, currently on a steep rise in popularity as part of the whole Greco-Roman trend. Read more about Augustus
  5. Charles+ There's little doubt that Charles will be one of a future prince of England's names, in homage to his grandfather. Charles is a royal classic that means free man. Read more about Charles
  6. Edward+ Eight English kings have borne this name, and Prince Edward, Prince Charles' youngest brother, is currently wearing it. The name means wealthy guardian, and is currently a top 200 name here in the U.S., after decades of top 10 status. Read more about Edward
  7. Ferdinand+ The Spanish king who funded Christopher Columbus's journey to the New World has a name that means bold voyager -- it's a name that?s fallen in popularity through the centuries, though. Read more about Ferdinand
  8. George+ This is considered the front runner of names for the new British royal baby if he's a boy, and he'd have a long line of history behind him -- there was a King George in charge of England for a stretch of more than a century. It's a humble name that means farmer. Read more about George
  9. Henry+ There's a massive string of grand King Henrys in England's past -- including Henry IV and Henry V (who both scored stellar Shakespeare plays in their honor), along with the infamous Henry VIII. The name, which auspiciously means ruler, is currently in the top 50 names here in the U.S. Read more about Henry
  10. James+ This popular name in both the U.S. and in the UK was the name of choice for a whole series of kings of Scotland and few English kings as well. It means supplanter, and is a top 15 name in the U.S. Read more about James
  11. Louis+ The legendary kings of France (who ended their reign when they were snuffed out in the French Revolution) wore this moniker, which means warrior. (It's also one of Prince William's middle names!) Read more about Louis
  12. Malcolm+ This charming name was popular among Scottish royalty, with no less than four kings sporting the name. Read more about Malcolm
  13. Maximilian+ The short-and-sweet Max is a popular nickname for boys -- and this is one way to get to it. Maximilian was the name of two Holy Roman Emperors, and several kings of Bavaria. The name means greatest, so what better choice for a future royal? Read more about Maximilian
  14. Naveen+ This Hindi name means new -- and is most noted for being the name of the spoiled royal in Disney's version of the classic Princess and the Frog. Read more about Naveen
  15. Nicholas+ This Russian royal name was borne by the final czar -- here it's a top 50 baby name that means people of victory. Read more about Nicholas
  16. Philip+ This long-standing royal name is currently sported by the Duke of Edinburgh (AKA Prince Philip, Prince William's grandfather). It means lover of horses, and is a tried-and-true classic that's ranked in the top 500 for centuries. (P.S. It's also the name of the prince who rescued Sleeping Beauty in the fairy tales!) Read more about Philip
  17. Solomon+ This Biblical king of Israel was noted for his wisdom, thanks to the story of the child he almost split in two to solve a custody battle between two women. His name means peace. Read more about Solomon
  18. William+ The #5 name in the U.S. is also sported by the daddy-to-be of the new British royal. The name means protected, and is a commonly used name by British royalty. Read more about William
  19. Wudi This fierce Chinese emperor (whose name now actually means emperor) united the country and brought a strong central government and Confucianism to the land.