Occupational Names for Boys

A new trend, starting with Cooper and Taylor, has caught on! Parents have been bestowing occupation-related Old English names on both their boys and girls.

  1. Carter+ This name refers to the driver of a cart. It was a top 50 name in 2009. Read more about Carter
  2. Chandler+ Chandler was the occupational name for someone who made and sold candles. Read more about Chandler
  3. Hunter+ The occupational roots of this name are pretty straightforward! This name has been in the top 100 for more than a decade. Read more about Hunter
  4. Parker+ Parker refers to the keeper of a park. The name is steadily rising in popularity. Read more about Parker
  5. Marshall+ Marshall refers to someone who trained and took care of horses. Rapper Marshall Mathers III (better known as Eminem) is a pop culture celeb with this name. Read more about Marshall
  6. Porter+ Porter is the occupational surname for someone who carried goods. Read more about Porter
  7. Sawyer+ Sawyer is the occupational name for a person who works with wood. Read more about Sawyer
  8. Mason+ This name refers to someone who works with stone. Read more about Mason
  9. Taylor+ Taylor was first given as a name in the 19th century. The name makes reference to a tailor and means "to cut." Read more about Taylor
  10. Turner+ Turner refers to a woodworker. Read more about Turner