Nature Names for Girls

Want to instill a love of nature in your child from the very beginning? Check out our list of nature inspired-names!

  1. Fern+ One of the meanings of Fern is adventurous -- an important quality for any nature-loving child! Read more about Fern
  2. Apple+ This name makes sure your baby knows she's the apple of your eye! Read more about Apple
  3. Brooke+ This nature-inspired name is on the top 50 list for mamas in the United States. Read more about Brooke
  4. Daisy+ A top 20 most popular name for 2009 in the United Kingdom, this name is climbing the charts in the United States, too. Read more about Daisy
  5. Iris+ This delicate flower is the perfect inspiration for a baby girl's name. Read more about Iris
  6. Sierra+ This name evokes images of cloud-covered mountain peaks and lush mountain valleys. Read more about Sierra
  7. Jasmine+ This playful name is on the 2009 list for the top 50 most popular names for baby girls. Read more about Jasmine
  8. Willow+ This nature-inspired name, which means slender and graceful, has been trending upward for the past decade. Read more about Willow
  9. Yolanda+ This name refers to the violet flower and has many creative alternatives. Read more about Yolanda
  10. Shelley+ This name, which is popular in the United Kingdom, refers to a meadow on a ledge. Read more about Shelley