Narnian Baby Names for Girls

If you loved reading the seven fantasy novels of The Chronicles of Narnia series as a child or enjoyed watching the film adaptation, you might be inspired by our list of baby names from The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe and the other Chronicles of Narnia books. The books are filled with adventure, talking animals, magic, and traditional Christian themes. The human characters have traditional names that are great choices for a first name. Think about Lucy or Polly for a cute girl's name.

  1. Aravis Aravis is transformed from arrogant and self-centered to a humble and caring character.
  2. Jill+ Jill Pole is a friend of Eustace who accompanies him on his returning adventures to Narnia. Read more about Jill
  3. Lucy+ The youngest Pevensie, Lucy is gentle, kind, and brave. She is the first of the children to venture into Narnia. She is known as Queen Lucy the Valiant. Read more about Lucy
  4. Polly+ Polly Plummer is a friend of Digory, who is the first human to travel to Narnia. Read more about Polly
  5. Susan+ The second oldest of the Pevensie children, Susan becomes a queen and is known as Queen Susan the Gentle. Read more about Susan
  6. Jadis Also known as the White Witch, Jadis has an evil and deadly reign.