Mythological Baby Names for Boys

If you love learning about ancient mythology and legends from around the world, then you will love this list. Folklore is filled with tales of bravery, romance, and the supernatural. With a few exceptions, most names pulled from mythology are wonderfully unique and distinctive. Encourage your child's imagination and appreciation for world history by giving him an advantage with a fierce name such as Odin.

  1. Adonis+ Adonis was a legendary handsome youth who was loved by Persephone and Aphrodite. Read more about Adonis
  2. Ajax+ Ajax the Great was a key warrior in the battles that take place in the epic The Iliad. Read more about Ajax
  3. Amon+ Amon was the god of Thebes; he later became Amon-Re (once he joined with the Egyptian sun god) to become king of the gods. Read more about Amon
  4. Angus+ Angus is a god of love and youth. Read more about Angus
  5. Anubis+ Anubis was an Egyptian jackal god associated with mummification. Read more about Anubis
  6. Apollo+ Apollo was a Greek god associated with music and poetic inspiration. He was also the god of light. Read more about Apollo
  7. Ares+ Ares was the Greek god of war. Read more about Ares
  8. Atlas+ Atlas was a Greek god who was forced to hold the heavens on his shoulders. Read more about Atlas
  9. Balder+ Balder was the Norse god of the summer sun. Read more about Balder
  10. Castor+ A hero from Greek mythology, Castor was the twin of Pollux, the mortal of the pair. They are the twins of the constellation Gemini. Read more about Castor
  11. Dionysus Dionysus was the Greek god of wine who loosens inhibitions. He was also known as Bacchus.
  12. Dylan+ Dylan was a Gaelic and Welsh mythological sea god. Read more about Dylan
  13. Finn+ Fionn mac Cumhaill, a hunter and warrior, was a hero from Irish mythology. Read more about Finn
  14. Hector+ Hector was a Trojan warrior killed by Achilles. Read more about Hector
  15. Hermes+ Hermes was the god of travel. Read more about Hermes
  16. Loki Loki was a mischievous Norse god.
  17. Mars+ Mars was the Roman god of war. Read more about Mars
  18. Odin+ Odin was the supreme Norse god, god of victory and the dead. Read more about Odin
  19. Odysseus+ The hero of Homer's Odyssey, Odysseus was a great and cunning warrior who had to fight many battles to return to his home and family. Read more about Odysseus
  20. Osiris+ Osiris was the god of the underworld from Egyptian mythology. Read more about Osiris