Musical Names for Girls

If you're a music lover, looking at a list of musical terms and genres is a clever way to find a music-inspired baby name. Since the beginning of time, music has been used in celebrations, to tell stories, and to express emotions. If you'd like your daughter to be in touch with her sensitive, artistic side, then give her a melodic name, such as Lyra.

  1. Fermata A fermata is a mark that denotes lengthening of a pause or note.
  2. Grace+ A grace note is a small addition or embellishment added as an ornament. Read more about Grace
  3. Harmony+ Harmony is a combination of musical notes to produce chords. Read more about Harmony
  4. Lyra Lyra is a feminine twist on lyre, the small harplike stringed instrument.
  5. Lyric+ Lyric is a term for words of a song. Read more about Lyric
  6. Madrigal Madrigals are English or Italian songs from the late-16th and early-17th centuries.
  7. Melody+ A melody is a sequence of musical notes. Read more about Melody
  8. Rhapsody A rhapsody is an instrumental composition in one movement. It is typically energetic.
  9. Sonata A sonata is an instrumental musical for one or a few instruments, one of which is usually a piano.
  10. Viola+ A viola is an instrument from the string family. Read more about Viola
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