A biblical name. Mentioned in the Old Testament as the twelfth son of Jacob who was sold by his brothers into slavery. In the New Testament, the name of Jesus' earthly father. Also the name of the rich Jew, Joseph of Armathea, who took Jesus down from the cross, wrapped him in a shroud, and buried him in a rock tomb. Has dropped out of the top 15 only twice during the past 125 years. , God shall add. The father of Jesus and husband of Mary in the Bible.

Boys: Ranked #20 in 2013
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Joseph Fiennes (actor)
Joseph Hughes "Jacques" Laperriere (Hockey Hall of Famer)
Joseph Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI)
Joseph Lieberman (politician)
Joseph Mullen (Hockey Hall of Famer)
Joseph Ratelle (Hockey Hall of Famer)
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