Quite possibly the most popular name in history. It's been given to kings, popes, saints, presidents, and heroes. Listed as the No. 1 name from 1880 to 1923, then stayed among the top 10 until 1986. Also carries great Christian significance. An impressive array of celebrities have helped keep the name listed among the top 20. , Jehovah has been gracious: has shown favor. In the bible John the Baptist baptized Christ in the Jor

Boys: Ranked #27 in 2013
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Famous Johns
John Elway (football player)
John Wayne (actor)
John Cusack (actor)
John Lennon (musician)
John Coltrane (jazz saxophonist/composer)
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John Cleese (English actor)
Elton John (musician)
John Belushi (comedian/actor)
John Travolta (actor)
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