Feminine form of James that dramatically peaked on the chart in the late 1970s due to award-winning television and film actress Jamie Lee Curtis Also fashioned by actress and singer, Jamie Lynn Marie Spears, the younger sister of pop singer Britney Spears and star of the current Disney series "Zoey 101" Trendy as a combination name such as Jamielee or Jamielynn, for variations spelled with a hyphen like Jamie-Marie or Jamie-Rae or simply because of its preferred long "ee" sound. , Variant of Jacob Supplanter.

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Famous Jamies
Jamie FarrSubmitted By

Submitted by: Jamie M. Cesar

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Jamie Sal\u00e9 (Olympic figure skater)
Jamie DornanSubmitted By

Submitted by: kittybob6799

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Jamie Lee CurtisSubmitted By

Submitted by: Jamie M. Cesar

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