Associated with the messenger-goddess in Greek mythology who made deliveries for Olympus by riding rainbows between heaven and earth. Also known as a flower name and a vocabulary word for the colored part of the eye. It entered the top 200 when motion picture actress Iris Stuart began her short, yet strong career in films. Actress Iris Adrian influenced the name starting in the 1930s when she specialized in playing glamorous gold-diggers and gangsters' "molls" and supporting roles in numerous features. Following a decline, it moved back up into the top 400 on the chart once again possibly with the influence of the 1998 song, "Iris," by American alternative rock band, the Goo Goo Dolls. It was originally written for the soundtrack of the 1998 film, "City of Angels," and was later included on the band's sixth album.

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Air, Water, Earth & Fire
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