Hippie Baby Names for Girls

If you're all about peace, love, and flower power, looking at a list of classic hippie names is a brilliant way to find a nature-inspired baby name. Since the 1960s, hippies have been connected to nonviolence, creativity, and freedom. If these are traits you'd like your daughter to have, then bless her with a dreamy name, such as Willow or Juniper. Not quite brave enough to choose a hippie name for her first name? Take the safer route and choose it for her middle name.

  1. Freedom Freedom is the power to act, speak, and think without externally imposed restraints.
  2. Gypsy+ A gypsy has a go-with-the-flow, eclectic personality. Read more about Gypsy
  3. Harmony+ Harmony means unity, understanding, and agreement. Read more about Harmony
  4. Juniper+ Juniper is a strong plant that can adapt and grow in various climates. Read more about Juniper
  5. Liberty+ Liberty is an all-American reference to both the country's freedom and the Statue of Liberty. Read more about Liberty
  6. Light A child named Light is bound to have a sparkling personality and a carefree attitude.
  7. Love+ Love is warm and passionate. Read more about Love
  8. Moon+ The moon is a light in the night. Read more about Moon
  9. Ocean+ An ocean is a dazzling body of water. Read more about Ocean
  10. Peace+ Peace means freedom from disturbance or quiet and tranquil. Read more about Peace
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