Hippie Baby Names for Boys

If you're all about peace, love, and flower power, looking at a list of classic hippie names is a brilliant way to find a groovy baby name. Since the 1960s, hippies have been associated with nonviolence, creativity, and freedom. If these are traits you'd like your son to have, then bless him with a dreamy name such as Phoenix or Echo.

  1. Cayenne+ Cayenne has a wild ring to it. Read more about Cayenne
  2. Breeze A breeze is a soft and refreshing breath of air.
  3. Cloud A cloud is a continually evolving aspect of nature.
  4. Crystal+ Crystals are the shining jewels of nature. Read more about Crystal
  5. Echo+ An echo is a natural wonder. Read more about Echo
  6. Freedom Freedom is the power to act or speak or think without externally imposed restraints.
  7. Garnet+ A garnet is a natural mineral; this boy will be tough but have a shining personality. Read more about Garnet
  8. Hawk A hawk is a fierce bird of prey.
  9. Leaf A leaf is a pervasive and changing element of nature.
  10. Light This child is bound to have a sparkling personality and a carefree attitude.
  11. Oak The oak is a common symbol of strength and endurance.
  12. Ocean+ An ocean is an ever-changing body of water. Oceans cover nearly three-fourths of the earth's surface. Read more about Ocean
  13. Phoenix+ A phoenix is a mythical bird with the ability to rise again and overcome. Read more about Phoenix
  14. Rain+ Rain is a refreshing shower of water. Read more about Rain
  15. River+ A river is a flowing stream of water. Read more about River
  16. Sky+ Sky is a nature-theme baby name that reflects the vast world above us. Read more about Sky