A name used in nature that refers to the nut-bearing shrub or small tree related to the birch family or a color that ranges from light brown to yellowish brown. It got its start as a girl's given name during the 19th century when botanical names became popular. It was the title of a comic strip about a fictional live-in maid who works for a middle class family that was first published in 1943 and adapted into a television series in 1961. Actress Julia Roberts and Danny Moder have a daughter named Hazel. ,

Old English
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Flowers, Plants & Trees
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Famous Hazels
Hazel Moder (daughter of Julia Roberts and Danny Moder)
Sister Hazel (musical group)
Hazel - narrator of Saga - comic book by Image.Submitted By

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Hazel Grace in John Green's novel, The Fault in out Stars.Submitted By

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TV show Hazel
pianist Hazel Scott
Hazel in John Steinbeck's novel Cannery Row
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