Baby Girl Names

Whether you're looking for a unique baby girl name or a classic name, we'll help you find a pretty baby name as sweet as she's sure to be. Browse top girl names inspired by movie stars, royalty, and nature to find the perfect baby girl name.

Find the perfect baby name for your baby girl; even try it out with your last name!


One of these melodic baby names could be music to your ears.

Famous People

From royalty to Hollywood starlets, baby names for girls inspired by celebrities.


Unique names with a legendary story behind them.


Go green with pretty girl name ideas sparked by Mother Nature.


Find baby girl names with strong meanings and ties to your faith.


From Sports teams to the Olympics, sporty baby girl names you'll be a fan of.

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Spanish Baby Names
Spanish Baby Names

Indecisive about Spanish baby names? Narrow down your favorites with out list.

World Names

Let your favorite geographical location inspire your baby girl's name. Name her after a beloved vacation destination, the city in which she was conceived, or the state where your family lives. Honor your heritage by giving her a baby name derived from another part of the world, from America or France to China or Nairobi.