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Happy Endings

Parents often focus on the first letter in a child's name. The most popular first letters for girls' names are A, K, M, and J. For boys, it's J, D, A, and C. But these days, mothers and fathers also pay attention to the way a name ends. While many girls' names end in the feminine "a" and "ella," trendy boys' names conclude with the popular "en." A quick run down the alphabet shows Aiden, Braden, Branden, Caden, Damien, Hayden, Jaden, Jalen, and Owen -- and myriad variations of each. Other fashionable finishers for boys include "er," "on," and "an," as in Asher, Carter, Parker, Tyler, Brandon, Devon, Landon, Donovan, Logan, and Tristan.

Gender Benders

Thinking of a unisex name for your baby? As trends go, it's far more socially acceptable for a girl to have a boy's name than the other way around. Once a male name becomes widely adopted for girls, it often drops out of use for boys. Among the male names that have evolved into female names: Ashley, Courtney, Hilary, Lindsey, and Vivian. Notable exceptions to this trend: Cameron, Dakota, Dylan, and Jordan. Although these names are considered unisex, males with these names still outnumber females. This raises the question: Does giving a child a gender-neutral name render a girl more masculine and a boy more feminine, or does it just confuse everybody?

Jordan: Names for Boys
Jordan: Names for Boys

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