Geographic Names for Girls

Names found on the map are especially trendy for girls. Find inspiration in a place meaningful to you, or somewhere you would like your daughter to visit. Geographic names are incredibly meaningful.

  1. Asia+ If you want your daughter to develop an adventurous spirit, name her after the world's largest continent! Read more about Asia
  2. Brooklyn+ Brooklyn is New York City's most populous borough. The Brooklyn Bridge has long been an icon of New York and is often featured in movies. Read more about Brooklyn
  3. Charlotte+ Charlotte, North Carolina, is the 18th largest city in the United States. During the American Revolutionary War, British commander General Cornwallis occupied the city but was driven out by angry residents. Read more about Charlotte
  4. Devin+ Devin is a Smolyan Province in south Bulgaria. Its hot springs make it a popular tourist attraction. Read more about Devin
  5. Florence+ Florence is the capital city of Tuscany in Italy. Florence is known for its influence upon art and architecture during the Renaissance. Read more about Florence
  6. Dakota+ This name could refer to two Midwestern states! Actess Dakota Fanning influenced this name's popularity. Read more about Dakota
  7. Kenya+ This name refers to a country in East Africa; it first became popular as a name in the '60s. Read more about Kenya
  8. Paris+ This capital city of France is known for its food, fashion, and art. Read more about Paris
  9. India+ This name first became popular because of Margaret Mitchell's character, India Wilkes, in Gone with the Wind. Read more about India
  10. Sienna+ Sienna is derived from the name of a city in Italy noted for its mines that produce a reddish-brown soil. Read more about Sienna