Baby Names for Foodies

Looking for a simply scrumptious name for your new sweetie? Try this list of gourmet baby-name options, based on fabulous food and the famous chefs who create it.

  1. Basil+ This herbal staple of Italian cuisine makes a memorable name for either a boy or a girl. Read more about Basil
  2. Brandy+ This intoxicating beverage became the hot name of the 1970s after the song "Brandy (You're a Fine Girl)" hit the top of the music charts, but it fell out of the top 1,000 baby names just after the turn of the 21st century. Read more about Brandy
  3. Candy+ This sweet nickname for Candace was hot from the 1950s through 1990s. Could we see a resurgence thanks to fans of Candace Flynn, the brother-busting big sister of cool cartoon heroes Phineas and Ferb? Read more about Candy
  4. Cassia+ This beautiful Greek name, based on the plant that can serve as a spicy stand-in for cinnamon, makes a delicious alternative to the top-10 name Chloe. Read more about Cassia
  5. Cerise+ The French word for "cherry" makes a sweet name for a little girl. Read more about Cerise
  6. Cinnamon+ This exotic spice, grown almost exclusively in Sri Lanka, was once so precious that only the upper echelons of society could afford it. It's a potent alternative to the more common spice girls, Saffron and Sage. Read more about Cinnamon
  7. Clementine+ This old-fashioned name, associated with a petite orange, has been staging a comeback lately, thanks to its status as a baby-name staple of celebrities. Read more about Clementine
  8. Crispin+ This bold apple variety makes a fresh name choice for a boy. Read more about Crispin
  9. Emeril+ You can kick your naming up a notch by giving your baby the same name as spice-loving celeb chef Emeril Lagasse. Read more about Emeril
  10. Giada+ Celebrity chef Giada De Laurentiis sports this Italian name for the precious stone jade. Read more about Giada
  11. Ginger+ This spice is featured prominently in Caribbean and Asian cuisine, and it often serves as a nickname for redheaded people. Read more about Ginger
  12. Honey+ This bee-crafted sweetener makes an all-natural name choice for a little girl. Read more about Honey
  13. Ina+ The "Barefoot Contessa" chef Ina Garten has this short-and-sweet moniker, which befits her simple yet elegant cooking style. Read more about Ina
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