The feminine form of Eric that also means "heather" in Latin. Associated with a town in Victoria, Austrailia, as well as a classification name of over 700 species of flowers in the family Ericaceae often referred to as "heath" or "heather." The name debuted on the popularity chart in 1945 and peaked at No. 31 from 1986 to 1988. "Erica Kane" is the title of songs by singer Aaliyah in 2002 and alternative rock band Urge Overkill in 1993, both written about Susan Lucci's famous character on the soap opera, "All My Children." Since the drama first aired in 1970, "Erica Kane" is considered the most popular character in daytime television history. Another well-known fictional character who who comes to mind is "Dr. Erica Noughton" from the television medical drama, "Nip/Tuck" that premiered in 2003. , Honorable Ruler

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