Enchanting Baby Names

There's something magical about becoming a parent, so why not celebrate your newest miracle with a baby name that has a little bit of enchantment to it? Consider these names, which all have magical connotations.

  1. Alastor+ This unique spelling of the Scottish name Alastair means "warrior," which is fitting for Alastor "Mad-Eye" Moody, the tough-and-gruff wizard from the Harry Potter series. Read more about Alastor
  2. Albus+ Dumbledore's first name is very old school -- it's an ancient Latin name that means "white" or "bright." Not too shabby for the Hogwarts headmaster and leader of the good guys. Read more about Albus
  3. Cassandra+ In Greek myth, Cassandra was granted the gift of seeing the future, but she was also doomed to not have anyone believe her prophecies. Read more about Cassandra
  4. Drake+ This is an Anglicized version of Draco, which means "dragon." Read more about Drake
  5. Glinda+ This variant spelling of the Welsh name Glenda means "good," so it's no surprise that L. Frank Baum chose it for Oz's good witch of the north. Read more about Glinda
  6. Hazel+ The Celts thought that hazel trees could help bring you enlightenment, and other legends held that branches from the tree could protect you from snakes and other hazards. Branches of witch hazel were also used in divination. Read more about Hazel
  7. Hermione+ One of Harry Potter's best friends, and also the top student in his class, Hermione sports a classic Greek name that means "earthly." Read more about Hermione
  8. Jasper+ This opaque gemstone comes in a number of colors and is often thought to protect the people who wear it. Generally a boy's name, it's the name of one of the Cullen vampire clan in the Twilight series. Read more about Jasper
  9. Kismet+ This word, which means "fate," could be a fabulous choice for a daughter. Read more about Kismet
  10. Luna+ This name, based on the Latin for "moon," has become one of the breakout names from the Harry Potter series, in homage to Harry Potter's slightly out-there witch friend. There's also a shape-shifter named Luna in TV's True Blood. Read more about Luna
  11. Merlin+ This sorcerer helped guide King Arthur in the legendary stories, and the name last hit the top 1,000 names in the U.S. in the 1960s. Read more about Merlin
  12. Minerva+ This ancient name first honored the Roman goddess of wisdom. J.K. Rowling chose it for the brilliant Hogwarts transfiguration teacher (and Gryffindor head), Minerva McGonagall. Read more about Minerva
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