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Baby Name: Eli

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Form of Joshua

Gender: Either | Origin: Hebrew
Popularity: Popular

Old Testament

Hebrew names from the the Old Testament, that pay homage to the Jewish bible stories or arks, whales, and the Garden of Eden -- Eve, Daniel, Miriam, Noah, Samuel, Rachel and more

  1. Abraham
  2. Bathsheba
  3. Daniel
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Great athletes

Prepare your baby for physical greatness with these champion names from the track, field, ring, and court -- Ali, Mary Lou, Baby, Wayne, Annika and more

  1. Ali
  2. Annika
  3. Babe
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Nickname for Mikhail, Michelle

Gender: Either | Origin: Hebrew, Russian
Popularity: Familiar



Gender: Either | Origin: Hebrew, Celtic
Popularity: Familiar


Who is like God?

Gender: Either | Origin: Hebrew, French
Popularity: Popular