Disney Character Names for Girls

Disney has reigned supreme as a creator of kids' entertainment for nearly a century. And the names of some of Disney's legendary characters -- from fairy-tale royalty to villainesses -- could be the inspiration for your daughter's name.

  1. Alice+ This name is as classic as the book that inspired the Disney movie, Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland. A German name that means "noble," it's been on a huge upswing lately, thanks to its vintage feel and similarity to some of the hottest names, such as Ella and Elise. Read more about Alice
  2. Anastasia+ One of Cinderella's wicked stepsisters bears this moniker, a Greek name that means "resurrection." Read more about Anastasia
  3. Ariel+ Disney's sea princess in The Little Mermaid bears this Hebrew name that means "lion of God." Read more about Ariel
  4. Aurora+ Sleeping Beauty's name means "dawn," and she shares her name with the glittering northern lights, making it a stellar choice for your future star. Read more about Aurora
  5. Belle+ The French word for "beautiful" was the perfect choice for Disney's Beauty and the Beast heroine. This variation hasn't broken the top 1,000 baby names, but it's a nice alternative to chart toppers such as Isabella and Bella. Read more about Belle
  6. Candace+ Phineas and Ferb's big sister Candace obsesses over busting her brothers. Her name, which fell out of the top 1,000 earlier this decade, means "sincere." Read more about Candace
  7. Daisy+ The duck who served as cranky Donald's paramour has a fresh new lease on life, currently ranking in the top 200 baby names. Read more about Daisy
  8. Flora+ Based on the Latin word for "flower," this beautiful name was used for one of the three good fairies who protect Sleeping Beauty. It hasn't been in the top 1,000 names for four decades, but given the popularity of floral baby names, it's only a matter of time before it comes back into vogue. Read more about Flora
  9. Giselle+ This Germanic name is the title of one of the most famous 19th-century ballets -- and the name of the sweetly clueless Andalasian princess in Enchanted. It's been a staple of the top 200 baby-names list for more than a decade. Read more about Giselle
  10. Jasmine+ Aladdin's adventurous princess bears the name of a fragrant exotic bloom, and the movie helped propel her name into a consistent spot among the top 50 baby names. Read more about Jasmine
  11. Lilo+ This Hawaiian moniker, meaning "generous," was the name of Stitch's human companion in Lilo & Stitch. Read more about Lilo
  12. Merida+ The wild Scottish princess with archery skills that would put Katniss to shame shares her name with destinations in Spain and Mexico. Read more about Merida
  13. Minnie+ This common M-name nickname belonged to Mickey Mouse's sweetheart. And it appears you can blame that Minnie for the name's precipitous drop -- after the cartoon character was introduced, the name began its sharp decline. Read more about Minnie
  14. Mulan+ The name means "delicate magnolia flower," but her character is anything but a shy flower. The Disney movie is based on an ancient Chinese legend about a girl who disguises herself as a man in order to go off to battle in her ailing father's place. Read more about Mulan
  15. Nala+ The mate of the title character in The Lion King received a name that's derived from the Arabic Nahla, which means a "cool drink of water." Read more about Nala
  16. Rosetta+ Tinkerbell's flower-fairy friend gets this diminutive version of Rose -- a great choice if you love the name Rose but want something a little less popular. Read more about Rosetta
  17. Tiana+ Disney's first African-American princess bears this truncated variation of Tatiana, which means "fairy queen." Read more about Tiana
  18. Ursula+ The nemesis of the heroine in The Little Mermaid, this sea witch gets a cuddly name that means "little bear." Read more about Ursula
  19. Wendy+ Author James Barrie concocted this new moniker for the prim and proper Darling big sister who followed Peter Pan into Neverland. It's a sweet name that reached its peak of popularity in the 1970s. Read more about Wendy