Disney Character Names for Boys

Disney characters have long been associated with wholesomeness, morality, and kindness -- wonderful personality traits for any person to have. But be careful: We've thrown a few villains' names into the mix, too.

  1. Meeko Meeko is the raccoon sidekick of Pocahontas.
  2. Michael+ Michael is the boy nannied by Mary Poppins. Read more about Michael
  3. Mickey+ Mickey Mouse is the signature Disney character. Read more about Mickey
  4. Mowgli Mowgli, a young boy raised by a wolf pack, is the hero of The Jungle Book.
  5. Mufasa Mufasa is Simba's father in The Lion King.
  6. Peter+ Peter Pan is the leader of the Lost Boys. Read more about Peter
  7. Philip+ Prince Philip is the hero of Sleeping Beauty. Read more about Philip
  8. Rajah+ Rajah is Princess Jasmine's tiger companion in Aladdin. Read more about Rajah
  9. Robin+ Robin Hood is the hero of Sherwood Forest. Read more about Robin
  10. Sebastian+ Sebastian is a minion of King Triton and Ariel's companion in The Little Mermaid. Read more about Sebastian
  11. Simba Simba is the hero of The Lion King.
  12. Timon+ Timon is Simba's companion in The Lion King. Read more about Timon
  13. Triton+ King Triton is the ruler of the merpeople and Ariel's father in The Little Mermaid. Read more about Triton
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