A variation of Dionysius, known in the Bible as a judge of Athens, who converted to Christianity by the apostle Paul. Perhaps best-known for "Dennis the Menace," the mischievous, blonde, comic strip character, who made his debut in 1951 in 16 newspapers in 1959. He was also the title character of a 1959 to 1963 television sitcom and a 1993 live-action film. Actor Dennis Quaid is another famous bearer. Listed among the top 100 names from 1934 to 1984. , Wild, frenzied. Also a lover of wine. From Dionysus, the mythological God of wine and drama.

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Famous Denniss
Dennis Haysbert (actor)
Dennis Conner (America's Cup sailor)
Dennis Franz (actor)
Dennis Rodman (basketball player)
Denis Hopper (actor
Dennis Bergkamp (Dutch soccer player)
Dennis Miller (comedian/television personality)
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