Colorful Girl Names

Forget Roy G. Biv; cool color names for babies come in every shade! From favorites like Ruby and Violet to more unusual choices like Alba and Blue, consider one of these color names for girls for your baby-to-be.

  1. Alba+ This vintage name means "white," and makes a nice alternative to Abigail or Ella. Read more about Alba
  2. Aurelia+ This Latin-inspired name means "golden" -- and it just bumped back into the top 1,000 names here in the United States after a 50-year absence. Read more about Aurelia
  3. Azura+ This colorful baby name evokes the mesmerizing deep blue of the ocean. Exotic, unusual, and oh-so-pretty! Read more about Azura
  4. Beryl+ This British favorite, based on a bright green stone, hasn't hit the top 1,000 here since the 1950s. If you're looking for an unusual baby name based on a color, this one might be for you! Read more about Beryl
  5. Bianca+ This top-300 baby name means "white" in Italian. Read more about Bianca
  6. Blanche+ The French word for "white" inspired this name -- which got its moment in the sun in the classic Tennessee Williams play A Streetcar Named Desire. Read more about Blanche
  7. Blue+ Beyoncé and Jay Z picked this bright color (associated with fidelity) for their daughter's name, as did U2's The Edge. You can also swap the vowels for the Frenchified Bleu. Read more about Blue
  8. Cerise+ The French word for cherries evokes their color -- a deep, pinkish red. Read more about Cerise
  9. Cressida+ This Greek name means "gold," and makes a nice alternative to the more popular Cassandra. Read more about Cressida
  10. Esmeralda+ This exotic name means "emerald green" -- and lends itself to a cute nickname: Esmé. Read more about Esmeralda
  11. Galatea+ This Greek name means "white as milk," perfect for a fair-skinned beauty. Read more about Galatea
  12. Giada+ The Italian word for jade is an up-and-coming baby name, thanks to chef Giada de Laurentiis. Read more about Giada
  13. Hazel+ This antique name (inspired by the tree) describes a green-flecked, bronzy brown -- and is a great color name for a girl born in the fall. Read more about Hazel
  14. Jade+ The bright green gemstone, thought by the Chinese to bring good luck, is one of the loveliest color names for girls we can think of. Read more about Jade
  15. Kelly+ This shade of green is popular in Ireland and is recognized as one of the country's symbolic colors. Read more about Kelly
  16. Lavender+ This name stands both for the fragrant herb and for the soft purple hue of its flowers. Read more about Lavender
  17. Mazarine+ The French word for deep blue gives us this exotic color name (and it's more down-home nickname, Maisie). Read more about Mazarine
  18. Melanie+ This name, from the Greek for "black," has hovered near the top 100 names for the past half-century -- thanks in part to the saintly Melanie Hamilton from Gone With the Wind. Read more about Melanie
  19. Olive+ This fresh name, chosen by Drew Barrymore for her older daughter, comes from the tree, but is also inspired by the bronzy green of its fruit. Try this instead of its top 10 cousin, Olivia. Read more about Olive
  20. Raven+ The jet-black bird immortalized in Edgar Allan Poe's masterwork has become a hot name for girls (though it can also be used for boys). Read more about Raven
  21. Rose+ This flower has long been a favorite baby name for girls, but it also brings to mind the pink-purple hue. Read more about Rose
  22. Ruby+ The deep-crimson colored stone is currently a red-hot baby name, nearing the top 100 in the United States. Read more about Ruby
  23. Saffron+ The super-expensive spice has a signature gold-orange hue that's become a popular name for girls. Read more about Saffron
  24. Sage+ The English name Sage, which refers to a variation of green, is consistently in the top 500 baby names for girls. Make it more distinctive by adding an "i" -- like American Girl's 2013 Girl of the Year, Saige. Read more about Sage
  25. Scarlett+ This vivid hue was the perfect name choice for the ultimate bold heroine, Gone With the Wind's Scarlett O'Hara. But current moms likely associate it with another silver screen star, actress Scarlett Johansson. Read more about Scarlett
  26. Sienna+ This rich shade of brown borrows its name from an Italian town. Read more about Sienna
  27. Violet+ The sweet purple bloom -- and its signature hue -- have helped bring this baby name into the top 100 in the United States. Read more about Violet
  28. Xanthe+ This exotic Greek name means "yellow" -- and gives your daughter a really cool initial! Read more about Xanthe