Classic Boy Names

Just like your favorite songs, these are the classics -- names that stand the test of time and still sound as good today as when you first heard them.

  1. Adam+ This name is among the top 100 most popular names in America. It is a favorite in part because of its biblical background. Read more about Adam
  2. Anthony+ This name's diverse spellings and various nicknames make it a popular choice for new parents. Read more about Anthony
  3. Benjamin+ This name shares its heritage with Benjamin Franklin. Ben and Benji are also popular spin-offs of Benjamin. Read more about Benjamin
  4. Brian+ This name, which means high and noble, has a long history of being a top choice for new moms and dads. Read more about Brian
  5. David+ David is in the top 20 for most popular names, coming in at No. 14 in 2009. Read more about David
  6. Jason+ This name has been on the top of the popularity list since the '60s. Alternative spellings, such as Jayson and Jaisen, are trendy right now. Read more about Jason
  7. Henry+ This name has a tradition of brilliance behind it! Henry Ford, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, and Henry David Thoreau are historical figures who shared the name. Read more about Henry
  8. Paul+ This name is popular because of its biblical history. Read more about Paul
  9. Richard+ Richard is a true classic that has been popular since the 12th century. Read more about Richard
  10. William+ This name has been in the top 10 for the past 125 years! In 2009, the name hit at No. 5 on the popularity chart. Read more about William