City Names for Girls

Many people know cities that have special significance to them. Think of the town where you grew up, the city where your now-husband proposed, or a favorite vacation spot. These are all wonderful potential baby names. If you want your daughter to have a name with international flair, choose a foreign city. If you want to give your child a connection to the past, pick a city with a strong historical background, such as Savannah.

  1. Geneva+ Geneva is the second most populated city in Switzerland. It is a world-recognized center for diplomacy and peace. Read more about Geneva
  2. Lavinia+ Mount Lavinia is in Sri Lanka. There are also several U.S. cities named Lavinia, including Lavinia, Iowa, and Lavinia, Tennessee. Read more about Lavinia
  3. Melba+ Melba is derived from the city of Melbourne, Australia. It is the second most populated city in Australia. Read more about Melba
  4. Paris+ Paris is the capital of France and the largest French city. It is home to some of the world's most renowned architecture and art from throughout history. Read more about Paris
  5. Phoenix+ Phoenix is Arizona's capital and largest city. It is one of the top 20 largest cities in the United States. Read more about Phoenix
  6. Raleigh+ Raleigh is the capital of North Carolina and one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the country. Read more about Raleigh
  7. Reno+ Reno is one of the most populated cities in Nevada and is known for its famous casinos. Read more about Reno
  8. Savannah+ Savannah, Georgia, is one of the largest National Historic Landmark districts in the United States. Read more about Savannah
  9. Siena+ Siena is an Italian city in Tuscany that has many Renaissance and High Renaissance works of art. Read more about Siena
  10. Valencia+ Valencia is the third largest city in Spain and sits along the Mediterranean coastline. Read more about Valencia
  11. Verona+ Verona is a city in Italy, west of Venice. It holds many ancient Roman buildings and is the infamous setting of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Read more about Verona
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