City Names for Girls

Many people know cities that have special significance to them. Think of the town where you grew up, the city where your now-husband proposed, or a favorite vacation spot. These are all wonderful potential baby names. If you want your daughter to have a name with international flair, choose a foreign city. If you want to give your child a connection to the past, pick a city with a strong historical background, such as Savannah.

  1. Adelaide+ Adelaide is the capital and most populated city in South Australia. It is also the fifth largest city on the continent. Read more about Adelaide
  2. Alexandria+ Alexandria is the second largest city in Egypt and the country's largest seaport. It is an important city in ancient world history. Read more about Alexandria
  3. Bailey+ Bailey is a Colorado town located in the Platte Canyon area. Read more about Bailey
  4. Bristol+ Bristol is a port city in England. It is the eighth largest city in the United Kingdom. Read more about Bristol
  5. Cheyenne+ Cheyenne is the capital and largest city of Wyoming. Read more about Cheyenne
  6. Carson+ Carson City is the capital of Nevada named for Kit Carson, an explorer and scout in the Wild West. Read more about Carson
  7. Dallas+ Dallas is the third largest city in Texas and home of the Dallas Cowboys NFL football team. Read more about Dallas
  8. Denver+ Denver is the capital and most populated city in Colorado. It is known as the Mile High City because of its elevation. Read more about Denver
  9. Edina+ Edina is short for Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland and its second largest city. It is an eastern coastal city. Read more about Edina
  10. Florence+ Florence is the most populated city in Italy's Tuscany region. It was a center of art and architecture in the Middle Ages and Renaissance period. Read more about Florence
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