Christmas-Themed Baby Names

The carols all proclaim it the most wonderful time of the year -- so why not give your child a festive name that fits the holiday season? Skip Donner and Blitzen and try one of these classics:

  1. Joy+ Joy is a common refrain during Christmas, with songs promising "tidings of comfort and joy," and "joy to the world." A name with such happy connotations is perfect for the holiday season, and it's no wonder it currently ranks among the top 500 names for girls. Read more about Joy
  2. Kris+ Name your baby after Mr. Kringle himself. Kris is a unisex name for boys or girls, and it can be a shortened version of names such as Kristen or Krista for girls. Read more about Kris
  3. Lucia+ This pretty Italian name means "light," and is the name of an early Christian saint that's featured in a special Scandinavian celebration on December 13, when young girls wearing wreaths of candles bring sweets and gingerbread to their parents and other honored adults. Read more about Lucia
  4. Mary+ What could be more Christmas-perfect than the name of the woman who gave birth to Jesus? It was the top name in the U.S. for centuries, until the 1960s, and currently ranks number 109. Read more about Mary
  5. Nicholas+ Santa Claus got his start as Saint Nicholas, a kind-hearted early Christian who secretly left gifts for people by placing coins or other trinkets in their shoes. (In fact, many Christians in Europe still celebrate his feast day, December 6, by placing candy and small gifts in stockings or shoes.) Read more about Nicholas
  6. Noel+ This unisex name means "Christmas." Noel is more common for boys, where it currently ranks among the top 500. For girls, you might want to go with the more feminine spelling, Noelle, which currently comes in at number 366 for girls. Read more about Noel
  7. Zuzu+ Just think about George Bailey's adorable little daughter in It's a Wonderful Life -- the one who caught a cold trying to keep her Christmas rose warm -- and you'll understand why this shortened form of Susan might be the perfect choice for your little angel. Read more about Zuzu
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