Christmas-Themed Baby Names

The carols all proclaim it the most wonderful time of the year -- so why not give your child a festive name that fits the holiday season? Skip Donner and Blitzen and try one of these classics:

  1. Angel+ Angels played key roles in the story of the nativity, and the word for those winged creatures can be the perfect name for a baby of either sex. It's ranked in the top 200 for girls, and the top 50 for boys. Read more about Angel
  2. Belle+ Whether it's "Jingle Bells" or "Silver Bells," ringing bells are a joyful symbol of the season. You can go with the more straightforward "Bell" or stick with this Frenchified spelling that means "beautiful." Read more about Belle
  3. Carol+ There's nothing more Christmasy than those carols, and who wouldn't want to name their daughter after a beautiful melody? Read more about Carol
  4. Clarence+ The ultra-traditional name of George Bailey's kind-hearted guardian angel in It's a Wonderful Life is great inspiration for your son's name. Read more about Clarence
  5. Holly+ This festive, red-berried evergreen has led to a timeless baby name that is particularly popular during the Christmas season. It's currently near the top 400 baby names. Namesakes include the legendary Holly Golightly from the novel (and movie) Breakfast at Tiffany's. Read more about Holly
  6. Ivy+ Ivy is another evergreen plant that symbolizes eternal life in Christ. It was immortalized in the caroling classic "The Holly and the Ivy." Ivy is now a more popular name than Holly, clocking in among the top 300 names in the country. Read more about Ivy
  7. Joseph+ Mary's husband played a starring role in the story of Jesus's birth, and Joseph has remained a beloved name for babies ever since. Read more about Joseph
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