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Baby Name: Chloe

Popularity Chart

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First letter of the alphabet

Gender: Girl | Origin: Greek


Short for Anastasia

Gender: Girl | Origin: Greek
Popularity: Unusual

Canadian girls

Favorite girls' names from north of the border -- Ava, Alyssa, Paige, Brianna, Chloe and more

  1. Emma
  2. Emily
  3. Sarah
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French girls

Ma cherie amour...Oh-so-cute girls' names you'd certainly hear in the France -- Emma, Chloe, Oceane, Lea, Ines and more

  1. Emma
  2. Lea
  3. Clara
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Form of Taylor

Gender: Girl | Origin: Greek, American
Popularity: Familiar

Scottish girls

Lilting Scottish girls' names we hope to hear in the States -- Eilidh, Isla, Brooke, Niamh, Milly, Iona, Freya, Evie and more

  1. Sophie
  2. Emma
  3. Lucy
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