Originally a place name brought into Scotland by the Normans. Became a popular Scottish surname during medieval times. Historically known for Robert the Bruce who freed Scotland from English rule in the 14th century. He eventually became the first king of Scotland. The name peaked in the U.S. during the 1950s, but has stayed among the top 500 until recently. Current namesakes include actor Bruce Willis and musician Bruce Springsteen. , Woods

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Famous Bruces
bruce wayne (batman)Submitted By

Submitted by: grace1290

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Bruce Boxleitner (actor)
"Bruce Almighty" (2003 film)
bruce wayneSubmitted By

Submitted by: grace1290

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Bruce Jenner (Olympic medalist)
Bruce Smith (football player)
Bruce Lee (martial arts actor)
Bruce Dern (actor)
Isaac Bruce (football player)
Bruce Banner (The Hulk)Submitted By

Submitted by: ispana99179

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Bruce Hornsby (singer/songwriter)
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