Baby Names for Boy-Girl Twins

If you are having a set of twins with one boy and one girl, check out our list of cool combinations. We've looked at famous twins, similar-sounding names, and popular twin names from the past few years. To come up with your own list, choose names that start or end with the same sound, such as Daisy and Dawson or Emily and Bradley.

  1. Adan and Dana Anagrams Adan and Dana are a unique combination that is sure to make your friends melt when they get the birth announcement!
  2. Alan and Lana These names are adorable for your newborns because they both mean precious.
  3. Ari and Ira Try reverse names such as these for your little ones.
  4. Brendan and Sarah Treat your new twins to royal names! Brendan means prince and Sarah means princess.
  5. Madison and Mason In 2009, these names were at the top of the chart for most popular boy and girl twin names.
  6. Landon and Logan These two names are often used as middle names, but they are also perfect for girl and boy twins!
  7. Leon and Noel Leon and Noel are reverse names that have great rhythm when said together.
  8. Luke and Leia For Star Wars buffs, Luke and Leia are famous twins in the series.
  9. Nadia and Aidan Nadia and Aidan are reverse names.
  10. Taylor and Aaron These names can flip-flop in gender depending on the spelling!
  11. Viola and Sebastian Viola and Sebastian are famous twins from Shakespeare's Twelfth Night.